About Ellen Taylor

Ellen & Carl Taylor

Ellen is well known throughout the shag community for her dancing and teaching skills. Her love for the people, dancing and teaching is evident by her willingness to share her time, knowledge and experience with anyone who shows an interest.

Most of her time is spent traveling throughout the Southeast holding workshops or working with young people of all ages, sharing her passion for the dance. Ellen feels that she is very fortunate to have a loving and supporting husband, Carl, who travels with her and takes care of the music and disc jockey duties for her workshops.

Honors and Recognition

  • Member of Shaggers Hall of Fame
  • Member of Living Legends
  • Member of National Living Legends of Dance
  • First Recipient of the GNDC Shell Award for Favorite Female S.O.S. Partner
  • Selected as Dance Instructor by the British Broadcasting Company for a Shag Dance Tribute
  • Received letters of recognition for Contributing to the Preservation of the Shag from Governor Carroll Campbell, Jr.
  • Shagger Magazine Certified Instructor

Ellen is available for workshops, private lessons and group lessons. For more information, please email Ellen at etshag@aol.com or call 843.869.2180.