Shag: Simple, Smooth Social Dance Steps

Ellen & son Kyle Taylor
Photo by: Doug Brown
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Are you looking for dance instructions on the Carolina Shag? Well you have come to the right place. We have a shag dance instructional video dvd's that will teach and instruct you on the style and techniques for the Shag Dance. Ellen Taylor has been teaching shag for years and by request has produced 6 Carolina Shag DVD's.

We promise you that these are the easiest to follow shag dance DVDs available. You will have hours of fun learning simple, smooth shag dance steps and basics.

"By Request"
Female Footwork with Ellen Taylor Smooth, Simple Easy Social Dance Steps with Ellen Taylor
"Shall We Dance"
The Carolina Shag-My Way
Easy, Classic, Dance Steps for Social Dancing the Ellen Taylor Way   My Way with Ellen Taylor
Shag With Me
  VHS "Shagging with Ellen - The Past to the Present"
has been converted to DVD and updated.
My Time / Our Time  

These are he same Shag dance steps that Ellen has taught at her many Shag Dance Workshops. Perhaps you have attended one of the Ellen Taylor workshops at SOS or other shag events. Ellen takes the same approach while instructing on the shag dvds.